Friday, July 29, 2011

Open Doors on Campus

We had a great thing happen yesterday here in the DR, and I wanted to share.  At the beginning of the week Rich was on campus and ran into a director for a kids' sports camp that is happening at the University here where we're doing ministry.  The man was talking about their camp, and randomly told Rich he should come preach one morning.  Keep in mind that this is NOT a church camp, and is taking place on a very secular university campus.  We have a YWAM team working with us right now, so Rich gave the time slot to them.  I also want to note that the gym we would be using is the same gym where we had a Repossess worship/prayer event at the beginning of this month.

Lots of kids, still waiting for more
I'm in the bright blue:)

There were around 60 or 70 kids, and several adult leaders present.  The YWAM team did some fun skits, songs, a dance, a Bible story, and a very impactful drama about how our sin seperates us from God, but He wins the battle and brings us back to Him.  At the end they asked if anyone had accepted Jesus into their hearts, and all the hands went up. Then they asked if there was anyone who wanted to accept Him, and all the hands went up again...this is pretty typical of kids!  So we prayed, then from there Rich got up and said that we'd like to pray for people if they had specific needs, so to please come forward if you wanted prayer.  Many kids came down, and several of the adult leaders!  We were gathererd in a big group, and just started praying.  Rich prayed with a couple people whose hearts were really open and were searching.  There was a woman who went off to the side and was just sobbing, so another girl and I went and just sat with her.  It ends up that her Dad is really sick, and she was just torn up over it all.  There were others, mostly adults,  with teary eyes, and you could tell God was really just touching people!

The director of the camp also appeared touched and teary-eyed, and was very appreciative of us coming. She asked us to come back next week, so Rich will probably get a team of our Dominican youth to come.
This is significant for a few reasons- I can't imagine it was coincidence that all this took place in the same gym where just a few weeks earlier many Christians came together and were crying out to God, worshipping Him, and asking for a move of His Spirit.  Its like this could happen because God had prepared the ground.  Also, this was in no way a religious camp or setting, and God totally opened the doors and opened people's hearts to be ready for it- He showed that He wants to meet people where they are.

We're giving God all the glory, and excited to be a part of what He is doing here in the DR!

Gym at UASD