Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm Here!

I arrived safely in Santo Domingo on Saturday after a long flight and an even longer delay (the car breaking down) once getting in to the airport!  I started learning from the moment I landed that flexibility and trying to be laid back is going to be key as I get settled in.

It seems like everything is different here- the way people drive (they love to use their horns all the time), the language, the money, and the way people stare at me because I'm an American.  Even the grocery store is a challenge, trying to figure out the value of things- I did the calculations on a box of Special K cereal and realized it was $8 in U.S. money!  I definitely did not put that in my cart.

Next week I start language classes at the University.  I am excited to study and practice so I can communicate better with those around me.  It will be my first time taking a taxi here, so I'm hoping for a smooth transaction! 

Though its been alot of transition already, God is with me and has been encouraging and refreshing me.  I'm learning to keep perspective and keep my eyes on Him as He leads me through each day.