Wednesday, April 6, 2011

¿Tienes un minuto para Dios?

Last weekend I got to be a part of a neat outreach in a park here in the city.  Our youth group got t-shirts made that asked "Do you have a minute for God?" and "Can I pray for you?" (in Spanish of course).  We then went to a park, partnered up, and spent a couple hours just going around to different people asking if they had anything we could pray for.

It was amazing how people responded- they were very receptive, and the only ones who said no were because someone on our team had already gotten to them.  Even then some of them thought up other things we could pray for.  My partner and I got to pray with people for things ranging from financial need to arthritis and other health issues.

Near the end of the outreach one of the moms from church was there to pick up her daughter.  She is a neat woman and still pretty new in her faith.  I asked if she had prayed with anyone and she exclaimed that no, of course she hadn't!  She said she doesn't pray very well- I then told her I still have a hard time praying in Spanish and tried to encourage her that she could do it.  Right after that a man came up and wanted prayer, so I tried my best, but I had obviously missed some things so the woman from church jumped in and prayed up a storm!  I realized that if it takes me stumbling a little to enable someone else to step out, its worth it!

This outreach was a great experience for several reasons.  On our end, it opened our eyes to the fact that there are people all around who need a touch from the Lord, and we can easily be that if we are just willing and take the time.  For those we prayed for, it reminded them there is a God who loves them and at least directed their thoughts towards Him.  I'm praying that God would use all the seeds planted that day to draw people to Him.