Thursday, February 17, 2011

God has blessed me so much here in the DR, and I'm really enjoying life.  Each day I am reminded of His deep love for me and His presence with me wherever I go.  Here's a little update on a few of the things I've been doing:

The UASD (university)
We've had some good prayer times on campus with leaders from other Christian groups and are making more connections.  God is stirring up the Christian leaders there and bringing unity which is just what we've been praying for.
Each time I go to campus I am reminded of the thousands of students (literally over 100,000 students), and think of the verse in Matthew 9:37 when Jesus is talking to His disciples and says, "The harvest if plentiful but the workers are few.  Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers..."
My prayer is that God would raise up Dominican students to be missionaries on their own campus and that He would empower them through the Holy Spirit and give them boldness (Acts 4:29).  It is through them that the university can be effected for Christ, and in turn the country.

The village
Each week I get spend a couple days at Ina's house, a woman who has a ministry in one of the poorer villages outside the city.  I get to help her with projects and organization things around her house, and then we go spend the day in the village.  We do Bible study with the women and then they do sewing or other projects to earn an income.  They make neat bags, necklaces, rugs, etc.  I love going out there and being a part of what God is doing in the women and in the village.

Spanish Class
I'm enjoying my class much more than the last one, as I now have a professor who speaks clearly and who I can understand!  I have some fun Haitian friends in this class, and enjoy hanging out with them before/after class.  God has opened doors for some good conversations, and I'm praying that I can show them His love.  And of course I'm learning more Spanish each day.  Estoy aprendiendo mucho!

Since coming back after Christmas I have branched out in my means of transportation.  I now take the metro each week out to Ina's house (the village ministry).  I didn't know what to expect of a metro in this country, but was pleasantly surprised by its cleanliness and timely schedule.
Another change has been taking public cars home from school.  I was taking only taxis before as they are safer and easy, but am now saving lots of money and found an easy route home.  They pack up to 6 people in these little cars and it usually ends up being a very sweaty, somewhat exhausting ride.  Kirsten laughs at the thought of me packed in a car with a bunch of Dominicans, but I've decided its worth it, and keep my pepper spray on hand just in case!